10 Best Happy New Year Holidays, Destination & Vacations Ideas 2017

New year eve is coming and you may definitely look for some cool destinations to celebrate it. The countdown is already started and people are started departing for their destinations. And if you’re also looking down for a place to where you gonna end up the last night of the year and enjoy the starting of the upcoming year, then you should watch out this list.
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We’ve sorted out some of the best new year destinations where you can go with your loved ones and enjoy the night of Dec 31.

So let's check out these awesome destinations one by one -

1. Sydney

new year vacation idea

2. New York

happy new year holiday idea

3. Rio De Janeiro

new year 2017 destination idea

4. London

happy new year vacation idea 2017

5. HongKong

new year vacation ideas

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6. Las Vegas

new year holiday ideas

7. Berlin

happy new year holiday ideas

8. Paris

happy new year destination ideas

9. Cape Town

new year destination ideas

10. Vienna

best new year holiday idea

The above are some of the finest destination where people gather to make their  arrival to the new year more fascinating. Still, there are a lot of places where people visit to memorize the new year occasion.

If you got any place in your mind, which you think would be a great destination for new year occasion, do share with us in the comment box below. 

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