14 Best Happy New Year Resolutions Ideas | List Of New Year Resolutions 2017

A New Year's resolution is a tradition and most common practice found all around the world in which people makes a promise to do act of self improvement or break some habit beginning from New Year’s Day.

There are long list of new year resolutions but these are not followed usually. Some of us take it seriously and some bid it adieu as soon as clock strikes twelve. No one can deny having made some New Year's Resolution but most of us break it.

Why New Year Resolutions Are Important ?

The logic behind breaking New Year’s resolution is we vigorously make such promises but later on regret it and at the end break it blaming our circumstances.

So think for a while and keep one resolution at a time. Make a resolution that would have significant impact to your life. If you think resolution taken last year and discarded in midway is worth for second chance, give it!

Earnestly taken New Year Resolution provide us a way to leave a better life and reach our goals.

New Resolution Ideas For 2017

Below are list of some simple and exotic best new year resolution ideas list. Have a look:

1. Renovate Yourself : In this coming year which is fresh try to refresh and renovate yourself. You will feel good if you look good. Reinventing yourself gives you confidence and complete new outlook towards life. It will lead you complete different direction that you never dreamed off. So this coming New Year try to discover yourself.

2. Become More responsible :  Being responsible is the prime quality as it boost self-worth. It is necessary for a particular person to take a stand for his commitment. So this coming year you can take a resolution that if you agreed to do something you will do it and fulfill your responsibility effectively.

3. Be Punctual :  Stop being late all the time and start being on time. Punctuality is a mark of professionalism and sincerity. Punctuality is a virtue that let people to do things at right time. Showing yourself on time tell other people you are dependable and disciplined. So this new year if you say you will be there just be there on time.

4. Quit Smoking : Stop smoking is the most important step that smoker can take. So this new year take a pledge to enhance the length of your life and quit smoking. Humm don’t think too much...simply act on it. Yes, it is hard to quit smoking but you can do it. All the best to the committed smokers I hope you will quit it as soon as possible.

5. Obtain Good Grades : This one is most common and worth keeping resolution for the student as it affect our whole future. If you are struggling with grades so this year you can promise to yourself to work hard and improve it. Success in school matters a lot and is what determine your future. All the best!

6. End Procrastinating : This is the biggest hurdle that keep you away from reaching your goals. Once you get used to it, it’s difficult to walkover. This new year resolution is often broken so you’ll need to put lots of effort to change this habit. Say bye bye to this year and bad habit.

7. Improve Yourself : This coming year take a resolution ‘I will improve myself’ including whatsoever you want to improve. It’s very difficult to change yourself but let’s try and change oneself in positive way. Try to acquire some good qualities and leave bad one.

8. Quit Drinking Alcohol : If you are thinking about stop drinking alcohol completely or drinking less is good for your health and even your wallet. But this kind of resolution hardly last, you have to stand firm on your decision. Stop boozing simply for nothing.. instead, try health drinks.

9. Give Time To Family : Nowadays people don’t find time for their family, so this New Year reconnect with your family. Plan New Year celebration party with them, plan outing and kick start your new year with fun. But the question is, are you able to keep this New Year Resolution throughout the year?

10. Lose Weight and Get Fit : This is one of the most common New Year resolution and worth keeping. So in the first new year morning stand in front of mirror and say- ‘I’m going to get in shape’. You have to avoid consuming unhealthy calories food and join gym  just to get back to your shape. Just one problem- don’t quit. Ready, Set, Reshape!

11. Save Money : This new year let’s take resolution to start saving money. Saving money is hard as there’s always none left after paying bills. But you can do that by taking a hard look on your current spending. Having good amount of money in your hands give you confidence and fix up unwelcome sudden circumstances efficiently.

12. Read More Books : Reading is a good habit and an excellent way to gain lot of knowledge on large varieties of  topics. You just need to make it habit and it is not difficult.
Spend less time on social media and TV: Most of the people spend hours in front of TV, games and social media. It’s fine to spend few time on these things but consistently spending hours and hours everyday is just a waste of time. You simply killing your valuable time doing nothing, it’s time to make change

13. Control Your Emotions : Controlling your emotion is very much a question of choice. Changing the way you feel or usually do something is not easy. Uncontrolled emotion like anger, jealousy and pride can get you into lot of trouble and more destructive in all circumstances. Gain control over your feeling and decide how you want to feel  

14. Become more active : This new year take a resolution to become more active find way of moving around instead of staying at home in front of TV or computer. Meet new people. it’s even more fun to share your activities with your friends.

So, will you keep your promises throughout the year?

Let’s welcome this coming year with a promises and hope. :)

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